I feel like I’ve walked into an abounded house. I haven’t updated since October and a lot has happened.

December 5th I lost my grandmother, December 11th was her memorial. It was also the day I sprained the hell out of my ankle, it still isnt 100%

February fucking sucked because it was the anniversary of my friends death, and my grandmothers birthday which was February 2nd.

I hate that month and will forever wish it would skip to March.

So lets get into the now. How am I?  Im good I have my days when im fine, I have my days when im not, its unpredictable and it can be tough.

Im alone during the day and I hate the quiet, so I will do instagram streams a lot so I dont feel alone.

The quiet also give me a lot of anxiety, so I try to stay busy so It’s not too bad.

Most days I am good, which I cant complain about. My only goal is to make sure I dont cry, if I don’t its a good day.


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Kristen Iness

Mother Wife Living with BPD 'tis all

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