Writing My Story

I’ve been wanting to put my whole BPD, depression, and anxiety story on paper for so long, but it wasnt the right time. Now is the right time for me to do that since is been 2 years since my diagnosis.

I bought this pack of notebooks that have Chapter 1-3 on them and I thought they would be great for my story. Each chapter will be

  • Before Diagnosis
  • During Diagnosis – Year 1
  • After Diagnosis – Year 2



The reason I want to write this down is to reflect. Sure I have a blog, but having a physical copy is refreshing to me. Once I am done, I will do snippets in blog posts, so you can get an idea. Maybe one day I’ll blog the entire book, but its not on my radar right now.

I know writing this will be hard, but once I get it all out it will be worth it.


Published by

Kristen Iness

Mother Wife Living with BPD 'tis all

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