A Night Out

Last week my husband told me we would be having dinner with his boss, her husband a few other colleagues and their spouses. This morning I found something to wear then didn’t like it. My husband then told me to “go get something from Target” I asked to questions. You dont ask questions when your husband tells you to go to TARGET!

We were leaving at 6pm and I left out the door at 4:30, its a good thing I dont have long hair like I used to because tonight wouldnt have happened.

I went to Target and looked for a little bit and didnt see anything then I saw the dress you see in this photo


I thought “this is cute plus I can wear it again cause its not too dressy” then right beside it I saw the clutch, and grabbed that also. I knew I couldn’t leave without shoes, so got those too.

I got home at 5:33 and rushed to get ready, which made my anxiety go up, but I kept it together. We left the house at 6:10 and made it there around 6:20 (we live close to the place) and we saw my husbands co-worker who I’ve met before and suddenly my anxiety subsided.

Thats how it works. When you dont know the situation you panic but as soon as you see a familiar face it can fade. Its funny that way. After about 10 minutes his boss showed up and 2 other people. We drank, dined, ate dessert and had a really good time.

I was a little nervous about how this night would go because one couple I hadn’t met and when I’m meeting new people I tend to sit back and observe, but I engaged (blame it on the merlot) and I had a good time.

I’m glad that my anxiety seems to be more controllable now because before it would take over my mind, and piss me off. It felt good to get out, laugh, and have fun. I need more of this


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Kristen Iness

Mother Wife Living with BPD 'tis all

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