Corners of my home


In late January we moved into a house, and I must say the change of scenery was much needed. Ive still had some down days (thats BPD for you) but not nearly as bad as before. I didnt know that changing locations completely would be such a relief.

We’re not on top of each other, we each have our own space, and Ive done a lot of decorating to make it feel like home. I wanted to show you some photos of what I’ve done to our home. All of these pics are my favorite little corners here. I hope you enjoy


Published by

Kristen Iness

Mother Wife Living with BPD 'tis all

One thought on “Corners of my home”

  1. Love this! I like how each photo is colourful, happy and holds a little love, creativity or uniqueness. You must have a lovely home to be filled with such detail! I’m a photographer so I really appreciate things like this! I found you from Life in A Bind’s blog by the way! Loved your post about the traits/symptoms of BPD. Hope it’s OK but I used it as the base line to bring a bit of individual experience to the symptoms? I put a link back to the original post on here.


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