Depression is in Full Effect Right Now

I was supposed to get on here, Friday, and blog about how I made it through the first week of school without a breakdown (anxiety breakdown that is) but I had another breakdown, in the name of depression.

I think I was doing a lot this past week. Trying to get my girls through the week, trying to get back on a schedule, getting used to being alone for 6-7 hours a day again, and just doing a lot in general this weekend. Now I’m just mentally exhausted, which has affected me physically.

Friday evening I was ready for bed pretty early, Saturday I work up after 8 hours of sleep and still took a 2 hour nap, today was the same.

I did go to Costco today to do some shopping so i wouldn’t have to do it next weekend, and that just drained me even more (after that is when I took the nap)

I just have no desire to do the things I like doing i.e doing youtube videos, or picking up my camera to take some pictures. I just want to sleep for hours and hours but I’d still be tired. *sigh* When does it end?


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Kristen Iness

Mother Wife Living with BPD 'tis all

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