The Calm Before The Storm


My week seems a little bare at the moment but on Wednesday where you see the flamingo, and green smiley face? Thats when school starts (don’t ask why school starts on a Wednesday you’re as confused as I am) As excited as I am for these girls to go back to school Im also anxious.

Its another whole 9 months of this getting up early, getting homework done, drilling into their heads how important education is and basic ass math! Im exhausted from just typing that. But the good thing about it all? There will be a routine again.

Im one of those mothers where I’m not too strict on a routine in the summer. I let them sleep in, be lazy (to an extent theres still chores) and play all day. I believe kids need that summer to just unwind and not think about work, work, work. But now its time to get focused on the more important issue.

When my girls have a routine I have a routine, which is good for my wonderful mental illnesses. Because for them everything is the same and when things are the same its good for me. I don’t like too many surprises because….anxiety. If I know before hand then I’m good. Basically these years school schedule is the same as last year and heres how it is

  • 5:30am – Wake up, take husband to work
  • 6:00am – Do some cleaning
  • 6:30am – Get my oldest up for school, and make sure she takes her ADD meds
  • 7:00am – Take her to school
  • 7:15am – Get home wake youngest up for school
  • 8:00am – Take youngest to school
  • 8:15am – Come back get a workout in
  • 9:30-10am – Get whatever cleaning done I didn’t get done earlier
  • After run errands that need done such as grocery shopping, anything needed for the house
  • 1:30pm arrives its time to pick up my oldest from school. She gets out at 1:30 on Wed and 1:50 every other day
  • 2:00pm – Pick up husband from from
  • 2:22pm – Pick up youngest from school if its Tuesday then 1:45
  • 3:00pm – Last year I would start dinner at this time but since I meal prep I won’t be doing this too much if I do its just for the girls
  • 3:30pm – Get girls started on homework
  • 4:30pm – a little relaxation, but that doesn’t last long when theres kids
  • 7:00pm – get baths started and time it wind down
  • 8:00pm – Bedtime. I make them go to bed at the same time because my oldest has ADD and she has a hard time winding down, and she needs a lot of sleep to focus. And my youngest is 7 so 8 is a good time
  • 9:00pm – Ill watch whatever show is on or DVR’d
  • 10:00pm – Heading to bed

I think I need a nap just from typing that! Its going to take me a whole to get used to this schedule again. Sleeping in until 9am was so much fun! but getting up early has always given me more energy, good energy so it’ll be good for my mental health. Im ready!


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Kristen Iness

Mother Wife Living with BPD 'tis all

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