A Year Ago

A year ago this month I was in a very bad place, emotionally. I was ready to check out, and just say “fuck it”

Living with BPD/Depression/Anxiety can take a huge toll on your emotional and physical state. I was just don’t couldn’t take anymore

Sometimes I think back to that time and think “wow, you’ve come along way” and I have. My mind is a lot more clear, and Im a lot more aware of when a mood swing is about to come. Now don’t get me wrong I can’t magically change the mood swing but I can do something to distract it, to make the mood swing more tolerable. And that is what I call managing your mental illness

I mentioned in my last video that I had been missing days, when it came to taking my medication. I thought that I was doing “good” for 3/4 days while taking it, then I wouldn’t take it for 2 days and BAM! Bitchy attitude, depression, major anxiety. Thats when I told myself, that I have to take my meds every single day no matter how good I’m feeling.

I really just want to stay in this good place that I’m in, and try not to dwell on the past too much. It happened, its gone, nothing I can do about it. Only thing I can do is continue on the path that I am and try to be happy


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Kristen Iness

Mother Wife Living with BPD 'tis all

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