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In the past couple of days I have become a planner girl. I didn’t think I’d ever be one because I have sworn off planners for years! But as a person who is not very consistent I needed one. I picked up a cheap planner from walmart that goes from June 2015 to June 16th. Which is great for anyone going to school.

I got it wrote a couple of things down and watched planner videos and then it started….I needed color, I needed stickers, I needed washi tape, I needed post its!!! Well I went back to walmart and got some colorful post its, some colorful pens, and sharpie highlighters. To me this was good enough to start. I have anxiety so I didn’t need to get a lot, it would really make me anxious

FullSizeRenderThose are my supplies, pretty colorful and could do the job for now. After this I started color coding everything, and here is what I came up with

  • Pink – Appointments
  • Light Blue – My Oldest
  • Dark Blue – My Youngest
  • Gold/Orange – Filming
  • Purple – Myself
  • Yellow – My Husband
  • Green – Meal Prepping/Groceries

So with this color coordination it would not only keep me organized but very consistent.

Also I didn’t realize how much I needed a planner until I started thinking of things I needed to do. I have serious doctor appointments this year, my girls start school in less than a month, my husband is traveling, I have youtube, and this blog, and other things that will fall into my daily life.

IMG_1673 (1)

This is what August looks like. You can see the various colors. I like post its because if anything changes, I can just move the post its. I do have things written on the actual planner, that are permanent. For example I have all the days off for my daughters school, when report cards come, parent teacher conferences, birthdays, anniversaries, and my workout plan.

Having this planner will keep me distracted in a good way, and will help my anxiety, and depression. Which is the most important thing.

So with that said I do have a new video up on youtube, here it is

In the video I talk about my planner a little bit, changes in my life, and letting go of negativity. Im a different person now, Im only focusing on those I love and myself. I don’t have time for drama, and BS.

Its refreshing to be this way now, I can actually sleep at night 🙂


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