When your child is hurting

BPD is hard enough to deal with without anyone else in the picture. But when you have children with a mental illness everything just drops on your shoulder.

A couple of days ago, my oldest daughters school psychologist called me and asked me if I was aware that she was cutting.

When I heard that my heart dropped. Ive been there. When the emotional pain is too much so you submit yourself to physical pain.

I told the psychologist I had no clue, but I would talk to her.

When I picked my daughter up I asked her what was going on, she told me she had been being bullied at school, by a group of girls.

As I heard those words I was ready to snap and kill everyone involved.

You have crossed the line when you fuck with my child. I went from 0 to 100 in 2 seconds.

The next day I went up to the school, and talked to the dean. She was switched to another class, and the girls were talked to. I was relieved that the dean was on top of things but I was still hurting for my daughter

No child should have to go through this. I was thinking about all the kids who have been bullied, go to school and shoot someone, or stab someone. Kids dont realize that words hurt!

I gave my daughter a diary to write in because writing always helps me when I’m feeling low.

She also seems to be feeling a bit better, and I’m glad. As of now I’m staying on top of her, just asking her how she’s feeling, so she knows I’m there for her.

Hopefully in time she will be in a better place


Published by

Kristen Iness

Mother Wife Living with BPD 'tis all

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