BPD =/= Having A Bad Day

I remember when I had to explain to someone what BPD was. BPD is such a complicated illness that you have to explain it as if you’re talking to a toddler. Im serious this is how you have to explain it, because a person who doesn’t have BPD will not get it.

The first time I ever explained BPD, the person I was explaining it to said it was the same as having a bad day. *pulls hair out* I wish that was all it was, really I WISH!

BPD is so much more than that, so so much more. Imagine getting out of bed feeling like your “normal” self then walking into the bathroom and being furious at the sing, for no reason. Then having an emotional breakdown because the anger just takes over you. This is just a small part of having BPD.

These emotions can happen all day, every singe day. Its mentally exhausting and a lot of times puts us in a state of depression, thats hard to get out of. Which sometimes may lead to self harming (not always I want to make that clear)

So BPD is not just having a bad day, Its a lot of very bad moments, every minute of the day, for most of your life.


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Kristen Iness

Mother Wife Living with BPD 'tis all

2 thoughts on “BPD =/= Having A Bad Day”

  1. I did giggle when I read this…….. I have been through this so many times! It can be truly frustrating – the hair pulling kind of frustrating! I have had the same experience when trying to explain what my bipolar is about – well minded people have actually told me that it is the same as their fluctuations in mood! Yes all humans have mood fluctuations but the highs and lows of a bipolar (and Borderline) soul are very, very different – drain your bank account on a ‘high’ kind of different. I think it is great for us to vent our frustrations because it can be hard to explain illnesses that are truly complicated. Cheers My Dear. KarinaMarie


    1. I agree with everything you said. Its very frustrating trying to explain to anyone how this is not like your typical mood swings, its much more than that. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting


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