Victim Blaming

Victim blaming occurs when the victim of a crime or any wrongful act is held entirely or partially responsible for the harm that befell them.

I was with a group of people last night where I got so upset to the point, that I had to leave the entire conversation. Listening to two men (which wives) defend Bill Cosby and question the victims made me almost physically sick. I heard these two things from from them

“why come out now?” and “it seems so convenient”

First, when you ask “why come out now?” you just answered your own question. So many and I mean so many reap victims do not come out right away because of guilt, shame, and feeling victimized all over again. Then when they do come out you want to ask why?

Then so say “it seems so convenient” yes because I want to relieve this all over again. Who exactly is this convenient for? I am so fucking sick of people coming to this mans defense because theres no way their precious Bill Cosby could have done this. Theres no way he could have assaulted these women. Why? Because he’s a comedian who tells funny stories? Does he need to be a bum off of the street in order for people for people to believe the victims?

Now was I there? Obviously I wasn’t but as a victim I’m sorry I cant not believe the victims. This entire conversation took me to a place where I didnt want to go back to.

No one wanted to believe me because this guy got “good grades” he was a “star athlete” but he “had a girlfriend” and “so many people liked him” yes because he couldnt have possibly assaulted someone by being these things

Even after telling this group of people that i was too in fact a victim, it didn’t change anything. They basically kept saying “well why wait 30 years?” *face palm*

I’ve had better luck talking to walls


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Kristen Iness

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