When youre entire week is nothing but tears

This has been my week. I want it to be over and when it is Im having a good shot of some kind of drink.

Everything started this past Saturday I was feeling low, and it carried over to Sunday when I thought I was coming down with the flu (because my daughter had it so I assumed)

Then Monday got here and I was just emotionally checked out, I was done. Nothing but tears. I cried at the drop of a hat, I was a mess.

Also come to find out my daughters ADHD medication is no longer covered by insurance. Its $359! *pulls hair out and fights the air*

Then Tuesday came and it was time for my therapy appointment. As soon as she close the door, I broke down I couldn’t contain myself. I told her everything that happened and how I was on the verge of a panic attack. (I still feel like I am honestly I feel it in my chest)

It felt good to get everything out, but Im not okay. Im “ok” but not okay if that makes sense.

This Friday is my husbands company dinner and Im taking all of Thursday to get my shit together the best way I can, whatever that is.


Published by

Kristen Iness

Mother Wife Living with BPD 'tis all

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