When your child has a mental disorder

For years we have been dealing with my daughter and her grades in school. She will do well for a little while, and then stop all together. She would be very distracted, day dream, forget things and just not want to do anything.

I went to a parent teacher conference last week, and 3 of her teachers asked me if she suffered with ADHD. I never thought about it, I just thought my daughter didn’t like school. After reading the symptoms a little bit, it made sense, so I made an appointment with her dr.

I had to do a checklist of things that my daughter did or was doing. It felt like I checked off everything on the list and became a little concerned. “How could I have missed this?” “Why did I wait so long?” “My daughter has been struggling with this for years.”

These were the thought going through my head,. Her doctor came in and prescribed some medication, a stimulant, to help her focus in school, and on everything else.

At this point I was glad we figured out what was/could be wrong. Im glad she is taking medication, and hoping it works. We’ll see.



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Kristen Iness

Mother Wife Living with BPD 'tis all

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