This week in BPD

Every week I do a video on how my past week went, if you’re not subbed, go ahead and sub and see how FABULOUS my life is with BPD 😉

So how did my week go? I was pretty emotional, just sad and irritated, for no reason (thats BPD for you) Then I found out Mercury Retrograde was right around the corner and it all made sense. Hey MR is real, it will affect your entire life and moods!

Anyway, I didn’t want to leave the house too much. I just wanted to be a couch potato and mope. It annoyed my husband (because why wouldn’t it?) so I tried to snap out of it. I will say this week is going much better and Im keeping myself occupied with things I love doing such as

Riding my bike, photography, bringing mental health awareness, and talking to people who just get it.

Now as for what happened on social media. Every sunday is the BPD Chat. Just search #BPDChat and you’ll find it. I live in California so its always at 1pm, so for East Coast its 4pm.

This week was a topic I thought of (YAY!) and it was How do we explain to people what BPD is. And here are all the tweets storified.

Everyone had good answers, and I always gain insight from my fellow BPD tweeters. There was also an app mentioned that Ive downloaded (for free) called Virtual Hope Box
Its an app for anyone with mental help, it has puzzles, quotes, relaxation techniques, and you can out what triggers you, and how you cope. Its a basic but good app. I recommend it for anyone struggling.
With that said thats all that happened this week. Im satisfied. I was productive, and had good conversations

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Kristen Iness

Mother Wife Living with BPD 'tis all

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