My therapist said I’m “emotionless”

When I had my therapy appointment this is what my therapist said. She called me out on not showing enough emotion when we have session.

I told her thats the anxiety, because it’s hard for me to be emotional in a social/public setting. It always has been. Then days later I will break down because I kept it all in. Its not healthy, I know this thinking about it. But in the moment rational thinking doesn’t happen.

She told me the next time I see her she’s going to push me, and thinking about that, makes me anxious. She basically wants to break that wall down, and I have to in order to heal and move on. Because I have so much shit bottled up that any day I can explode, and I don’t want that to happen, because who knows what would happen?

I know physically I will be fine in my next appointment, but I don’t know how I am going to feel emotionally. I guess we’ll see.



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Kristen Iness

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3 thoughts on “My therapist said I’m “emotionless””

  1. I don’t know how I feel about this. In large part it’s why I don’t trust therapists. Having a good cry, or getting angry, or feeling more does nothing to fix my problem. If they want to give me tools that will solve my problems, then I’m willing to listen. It’s unfortunate that so much of therapy is about getting psychologically and emotionally abused by a stranger, and then getting a pat on the back for talking about how you feel after that assault. I know this isn’t what it’s like for everybody. If therapy helps somebody, then I think they should keep it up. I just feel like some of these therapists are getting their rocks off watching our pain and suffering. They have more problems than some of us do.


    1. In defense of my therapist I will say that up until this point what she has told, and advised me has worked. I had no real clue about DBT until I started seeing her an I try to practice it all the time. As for my next appointment I dont know what that’s going to happen. She did tell me if it was too much I have the right to tell her it is, so thats reassuring. Who knows it may help, it may not?


      1. I totally think we should all do what works best for us. She does sound like she’s willing to work with you. I’ve noticed that I get almost nothing out of most advice I’ve received from mental health professionals. I’ve done a lot of research into my options, and even my pdoc has yet to recommend anything I haven’t already looked into myself. I keep getting silly advice like “You should get out more, exercise more, or think positive thoughts.” Nothing wrong with DBT, CBT, Electro, etc. I just feel like I’m dealing with witch doctors when I want to be dealing with scientists.


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