#BPDChat – Distorted Thinking

Today was the weekly BPD Chat and the topic was distorted thinking. I was looking forward to this chat, because I have a huge issue with this.

My definition of distorted thinking is irrational thinking. What I mean by that is, everything is bad. No matter that the scenario is, its always bad. Let me give an example.

Say I text someone and they may take a little while to get back to me. In my mind I’m thinking they hate me, find me annoying, or they are laughing at me. In reality they’re probably just busy with their own life, and can’t respond at the moment

Another example is if a friend/relative goes somewhere and doesn’t invite me I’m thinking I’m not good enough to go anywhere with them, so I question my relationship with them. When in reality they have every right to go by themselves or with other people besides me, their world doesn’t revolve around me.

Does this make sense?

So in the BPD chat we talked about this, and how we can get from distorted thinking to rational thinking. A twitter user by the name of @BPDQueen said

“I guess I’m saying just remember that what u think is what U THINK which is beautiful coz U can change it😊 just takes practice”

And she was so on point with it! We tend to think that whatever we’re thinking said person is thinking the same thing, and thats what we have to stop.

A good way to try and stop this, and when we start thinking this way, is just to stop, breathe, and re-think what we’re thinking. It’s easier said than done, but it can me done, and i’m determined



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