Anxiety Problems

The past two days have been non stop anxiety. I kind of just want to hide in my bed under the covers until it subsides, but that’s not really possible

I know exactly what’s wrong. My dads birthday party is tonight and thats whats making me feel on edge. With social anxiety you don’t like walking into a situation you have no control over, this is one of those situations. I don’t know who’s going to be there, or what to expect. All I know is that it’s a large group and that scares me.

For the past two days I have been irritated, and sad on top of this. Because today is also the six year anniversary of my best friends death, talk about a roller coaster of emotions.

I really just need for today to be over, because I feel like Im going to scream



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Kristen Iness

Mother Wife Living with BPD 'tis all

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