This week in BPD

I spent some time this week researching BPD, I always seem to learn something new when I read different sites. I want to try to understand my symptoms better, so I can manage them without going from 0-100 in seconds.

I was still out of it this week, it felt like the sadness just wouldn’t go away, and it was worrying me. Finally yesterday I started to feel a little better until last night. Some personal stuff happened and I cried, hysterically. Once the tears come they don’t stop, I’m inconsolable. I just kept thinking “why am I like this? why do I keep crying?”

This morning I woke up in a better mood, I cleaned, watched some Netflix ,and decided I wanted to start a mental health challenge. I felt better knowing that I can bring awareness to something that no one wants to bring awareness to. So I was preoccupied that that for a few hours.

Then my and my husband went to dinner, I was anxious but I feel I managed it well. After that we went to Walmart, I was getting more and more anxious and couldn’t wait to get out. I feel nauseous, and I want to sleep.

I’m glad this week is over.



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Kristen Iness

Mother Wife Living with BPD 'tis all

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