Mental Health Awareness Challenge

I have seen the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS all over the place, bringing awareness. I think its great that so many people have been made aware of it when so many people didn’t know about it.

It also got me thinking, where are the challenges to bring awareness to mental health? Mental health is not talked about nearly enough and needs all of the awareness to educate, and help those in need who don’t have access to the proper care that they need.

I found a great site that anyone can donate to which is called It is the National Alliance on Mental Illness there is even a place to donate as little as $30 and up. My only trouble is thinking of a challenge to bring enough awareness so people can either donate and/or do the challenge. Something fun that will bring attention, but will also educate. Who’s with me?



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Kristen Iness

Mother Wife Living with BPD 'tis all

3 thoughts on “Mental Health Awareness Challenge”

  1. I follow NAMI on FB and also recently joined them along with other mental health organizations. I agree, we need to raise more awareness for mental health. I created a group on FB and would like more people with borderline or any mental illness to join and share their stories and help others.


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