Why Robins has death affected me and many others

I didn’t have the words to write this post yesterday, because I was in utter and complete shock the entire day. In my thirty years of life, I have never been this affected by a celebrities death. Hell I haven’t been this affected by some family members death, but this in particular almost sent me over the edge. Why? You ask.

Because its like we (as in the depression community) feel like we lost one of our own. Many of us suffer with this mental illness every day of our lives, and so many of us have been where Robin was. So this is why his death has affected me, and so many others.

Robin was the worlds comedian, he could make anyone laugh, even on their worst day. His movies touched us, and we felt close to him, like a relative or a friend. But even with him doing all of those things, he wasn’t happy, and that is the issue.

People with depression, including myself have a way of making others feel great about themselves, but we can’t do it for ourselves. We give advice, but don’t take it. It’s not that we dont want to, its that we can’t. Depression lies to us. It tells us that we don’t deserve better, and I dont know Robin personally but I’m sure this is how he felt, it’s how a lot of us feel. We don’t choose this, depression is not a choice.

Instead of continuing to be sad about Robin, I will use this to bring awareness about mental health and his it affects the “happiest” people. It should not take a celebrity to die from depression to bring awareness but I am glad everyone is talking, and I hope they continue to talk


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Kristen Iness

Mother Wife Living with BPD 'tis all

2 thoughts on “Why Robins has death affected me and many others”

  1. My partner and I both said a similar thing last night. Can’t help but feel like we’ve lost one of our own. We both resolved to keep up the fight for him too.


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