Unstable Intense Relationships

Having any kind of relationship with BPD is probably the TOUGHEST thing ever! And that is an understatement. We (as in people with BPD) idealize people. We put everyone on this pedestal, and the minute they don’t live up to our unexpected standards, we cut them off completely. This can be anything from a romantic relationship, friendship, family, co-workers, anyone. Here is more about unstable, intense relationships.

Unstable, intense relationships
A person with borderline personality disorder tends to view relationships in black and white. They typically view others as a potential source of pleasure, help, support, or satisfaction or else as a hindrance and a source of rejection. Relationship instability is further complicated by other borderline personality symptoms such as impulsiveness, reluctance to be alone, and fear of rejection.

I am like this when it comes to my husband and past jobs. Let me give you an example of my past jobs. I apply for a job that I think is perfect for me. While I apply I’m imagining loving this job, meeting grey people, and doing something I love to do.

So I get the job and everything is fine for a couple of weeks. The minute something doesn’t go my way, I drop it. I may stick it out for a few months (never longer than 6 for whatever reason)

It’s never the jobs fault, they’re just telling me what I need to do, to get a paycheck. It’s me thinking so highly of a job when everything I thought, was never promised. Does that make sense?

Ive done this with friendships also. I have ruined friendships, by pushing everyone away, then asking why they’re not my friend anymore. Its really tough thinking like this, but I need to stop and have rational thinking.



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